Chappie (2015)

This film is about a young scientist who works for a technology company aiming to promote peace. The main character Deon (played by Dav Patel), wants to create artificial intelligence that can learn and think for itself. In doing so the robot named named Chappie is born into the world as a child, who gradually matures as the plot unfolds. Even before Deon decides to work on Chappie, his archenemy Vincent, (played by Hugh Jackman), desires to crush Deon and his plans. Vincent is always seen wearing his cross so we can assume his character is either Catholic or Christian. He is very violent towards Deon and even threatens to kill him if he doesn’t reveal his plans to him (resource number 1). Hollywood misrepresents Christians in this film because genuine Christians don’t threaten others for personal gain or have the intention of hurting them. When Hollywood has Vincent’s character wearing a cross it misrepresents Christians because the cross is more than just a symbol, it’s a reminder of the sacrifice Christ made on the cross, and the love that God showed us by sending his only begotten son. We are motivated by that love and our desire is for others to see that love, by loving others unconditionally, not mistreating them in any way. Vincent’s character on the other hand is the exact opposite of a Christian, who only wears a cross as a facade. If Hollywood would have portrayed Hugh Jackman’s character in a way true Christians act, then the film would change dramatically because Vincent is the main villain, but at least Hollywood would have accurately represented the way a true genuine Christian acts.


Paul (2011)

This film is about two comic book enthusiast’s named Graeme Willy (played by Simon Pegg) and Clive Gollings (played by Nick Frost),  who spot another car swerving, which finally ends up crashing. The two friends investigate the crash site and too their shock they find the identity of the driver, who is an alien named Paul. They become friends and decide to help him get home and escape the secret service. While they travel they meet two religious people, a father and a daughter. The daughter is named Ruth (played by Kristen Wig), who tells Graeme and Clive about her shirt she got at church. Her shirt basically shows a representation of Jesus holding a gun to Charles Darwin’s face, that says “evolve this” (resource number 3). Hollywood misrepresents Christians and even mocks Christianity because the shirt Ruth is wearing is just a joke. No genuine Christian would wear that shirt because it makes no sense. Christ holding a gun telling Charles Darwin to evolve the gun is just disrespectful and not funny at all. Also the way Ruth behaves is over exaggerated because she happily tells Graeme and Clive about her shirt that she got at church, which a Christian would never be proud of, especially wearing a shirt like that (resource number 1). What kind of church would have shirts like this showing a violent act being committed by Jesus? Hollywood is mocking both Christianity and the Christian because we find it very disrespectful and offensive when anyone mocks Christ in any way shape or form. If Hollywood would respect Christianity enough not to mock Christ and who we are as Christians, it  would be an entirely different story. Now if this film accurately represented Christians and respected Christianity, then the characters themselves would have acted differently and at the same time not wearing such absurd clothing.

The Mist (2007)

This film is based on the Stephen King book The Mist, which is about a town that gets hit with a dangerous thunderstorm that causes this mist to consume the entire area. A majority of the people migrate to a convenient store for shelter. While they take shelter, dangerous creatures are revealed to be hidden in the mist. The fear within the people starts to grow, so this mentally unstable religious woman named Mrs. Carmody (played by Marcia Harden), decides to take charge by stating that the event is the beginning of Armageddon (resource number 5). As the film unfolds Mrs. Carmody ends up getting attacked by one of the creatures and remains untouched because she did not move while she was praying. Those who saw what happend, immediately become followers of Mrs. Carmody. A military soldier reveals that there was a plan by the government that could be reason for why everything was happening. After he finishes speaking, Mrs. Carmody rallies up her followers to kill him,who ends up getting stabbed and thrown out of the store to be eaten by the creatures living in the mist. Hollywood has portrayed Mrs. Carmody as being this crazed religious person who controls her followers with an iron fist. This in no way accurately portrays Christians, apart from the praying part, that’s the only thing that was accurate. The rest is over-exaggerated because no Christian would act the way she did towards others, and the fact that she orchestrated the death of the soldier shows that she blamed him for something that was beyond his control. Genuine Christians would not act this way, especially in dangerous situations. We would pray, and that’s pretty much the only thing Hollywood got right. If Hollywood accurately portrayed Mrs. Carmody the way a genuine Christian acts, then the story would probably have been the same but the people would have been influenced in a different way rather than being controlled by a dictating mentally unstable religious person.

The Shawshank Redepmtion (1994)

This film is about a man named Andy Dufresne  (played by Tim Robbins), who is falsely committed of murdering his wife and her lover. He is sentenced to two life sentences in Shawshank Penitentiary. While in prison he gets severely beaten, even to the point of death. He then gets transferred to another prison where he meets Warden Samuel Norton (played by Bob Gunton). After some time Warden Norton begins exploiting prison labor for public works, profiting by undercutting skilled labor costs and receiving bribes. He is also seen quoting Bible verses while mistreating inmates and pilfering money (resource number 1). In this film Hollywood misrepresents Christians and makes it seem as if they are corrupt people beating others while quoting scripture. Hollywood is sending the wrong message about Christianity and in no way represents what a Christian is like, because genuine Christians would never abuse anyone or take advantage of people for personal gain. This movie is a powerful movie, so when Warden Norton mistreats the inmates, he is no way representing Christian behavior in any way shape or form. If Hollywood were to accurately portray a Christian than the film would have been a lot different because he would have been kind to the inmates and would make for a totally different movie.

Carrie(1976) & Carrie(2013)

These two films are based on the book by Stephen King, which is about a young girl gifted with dormant telekinetic powers. Some of the students prank her by dumping a bucket of animal blood on her, which inevitably awakens her dormant powers. Both films are similar in that Carrie’s mother is a religious nut who has her daughter meticulously quote scripture like a slave. From time to time if Carrie shows signs of disobedience by talking back to her mother, she is placed in a small storage room located below the stairway while her mother frantically prays out loud. She is very protective of her daughters purity and will not allow her daughter to be tainted by a boy who asks her on a date. In both films Hollywood creates this false image about Christians, that is over-exaggerated because true genuine bible believing Christians do not exhibit this kind of crazed religious behavior. True genuine Christians are the most loving people I know and don’t act or behave like crazy people as depicted in the movie Carrie (resource number 4). If the film had went a different route and made Carrie’s mother a loving and caring person who simply wanted to protect her daughter’s purity, that would  be understandable but instead Hollywood made it seem like Carrie was a slave to her mother and was labeled as a “whore” just for wanting to go to prom with a boy. If Hollywood had depicted Carrie’s mother in a way true Christians act, it wouldn’t have changed the overall story since it could still retain it’s roots in being a horror film.

Easy A (2010)

The film Easy A is about a young girl named Olive (played by Emma stone), begins with the lie that she lost her virginity when she slept with a college guy. This rumor spreads when a religious girl named Marianne Bryant (played by Amanda Bynes), overhears this conversation and the rumor spreads throughout the whole school. Olive later embraces her tittle of being the promiscuous girl who is approached by guys all around pretending to have slept with her to get popularity. Marianne’s character is acts very bitter and envious towards Olive. She even harasses Olive so she can get her to leave the school. Hollywood again paints the wrong picture about Chrstians because Marianne has this “fakeness” about her that I’m sure people think is true. This however is not true, Christians do not put up facade’s or fake smiles when we talk to people, nor do we pretend to like people (resource number 2).  If Hollywood were to change Marianne’s character to accurately represent the way a Christian acts, would have probably would have changed a little bit of the story since she would have be influenced by a genuine Christian who would have tried to help Olive rather than being bitter and envious towards her.